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Upcoming Events:

** April 24th - 2nd Statewide planning conference, Santee High School, LA

** May 6th - Senate Budget Subcommittee meeting on UC, Sacramento, Room 3191

** May 13th - 50 years of student activism in the Bay Area, SF City Hall


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There are a range of important issues and many, many small details that must be debated and worked out for an effectively democratic, accountable and representative Board of Regents. Many of these issues are discussed in the report 'The Strong 21st Century Public University.'

At the UC Democracy Options Blog, you can contribute new topics and comment on existing discussions.

Examples of key issues include:

  • term limits
  • reformed legislative approval of appointments
  • election financing
  • eligibility requirements for potential Regents
  • electoral processes for stakeholder groups (students, staff, faculty)