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Upcoming Events:

** April 24th - 2nd Statewide planning conference, Santee High School, LA

** May 6th - Senate Budget Subcommittee meeting on UC, Sacramento, Room 3191

** May 13th - 50 years of student activism in the Bay Area, SF City Hall


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About the Campaign for UC Democracy



The Campaign for UC Democracy seeks state legislation to reform the University of Cailifornia's Board of Regents to be more representative of, and more accountable to, the people of the state of California, whilst protecting academic autonomy and freedom of speech

The Campaign for UC Democracy is an outgrowth of decades of organizing, consultation and discussion with hundreds of administrators, citizens, entrepreneurs, associate and tenured faculty, graduate students, historians, immigrants, journalists, lecturers, non-governmental organizations, post-docs, staff, researchers, state senators and assembly members, student movements, undergraduate students, and unions.

For an an-depth history of many of the efforts to reform the UC Regents, see the report 'The Strong 21st Century Public University.'