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Upcoming Events:

** April 24th - 2nd Statewide planning conference, Santee High School, LA

** May 6th - Senate Budget Subcommittee meeting on UC, Sacramento, Room 3191

** May 13th - 50 years of student activism in the Bay Area, SF City Hall


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frequently asked questions


* Won't elections mean that dirty politics and money will threaten scientific objectivity and academic autonomy?

Money and political allegiance already heavily influence Regent selection. Elections can be run on a non-partisan basis and coupled with limits on campaign financing; publicly financed elections can prevent those with money buying a seat as is current practice with Regents. Learn more about political influence in the current nominating procedures and options for clean elections. Read more ...


* What if someone is elected that wants to research controversial topics like human cloning or wants to eliminate teaching about evolution?

Candidates would be required to have demonstrated committment to education and research. Regents with controversial views are unlikely to be in the majority. Elections are staggered so only a few Regents would be elected at a time. They would also be subject to recall if not fulfilling their duties and obligations properly. Read more ...


*Why should we mess with structures that made UC a top public university system?

Adaptability is what has made UC a top university system. The structures of the Regents require updating to meet the challenges of a changing world. Learn more ...