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Upcoming Events:

** April 24th - 2nd Statewide planning conference, Santee High School, LA

** May 6th - Senate Budget Subcommittee meeting on UC, Sacramento, Room 3191

** May 13th - 50 years of student activism in the Bay Area, SF City Hall


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About us

The Campaign for UC Democracy seeks state legislation to reform the University of Cailifornia's Board of Regents to be more representative of, and more accountable to, the people of the state of California, whilst protecting academic autonomy and freedom of speech. Read more...




March 4th 2010 expects thousands of people concerned about public education to turn out in dozens of events across California and 25 other states. Read more ...

An official audit of the UC was recently announced after a reporter revealed financial conflicts of interests between two regents and UC investments. On February 17th 2010, the audit was unanimously requested by a state legislative committee. Read more ...

In the December 20th 2009 issue of the SF Chronicle, recent Cal economics grad Lakshmi Santosh argues 'The UC Board of Regents is an institution in serious need of reform,' citing the lack of oversight, review and transparency. Read more on our Updates Blog ...


Why Democratize?

Only by reforming the Board of Regents will the public have effective means to defend public education. Regents appointed by the Governor have brought UC aloof and bloated administration, inadequate state funding, skyrocketing fees, threats to faculty shared governance, and poor labor relations with staff. Over 40 years have lapsed since the last structural changes in the Board of Regents,the 26-member body that manages the entire University of California system. Current Board structures are hindering the UC system's ability to adapt to challenging times, threatening UC's access, excellence and public service. Read more ...




** NEW **

A newly released independent report proposes democratic reforms for the UC Regents. The report seeks to facilitate public comment and discussion. press release

THE 21st CENTURY STRONG PUBLIC UNIVERSITY: A Proposal for the Reform of the Structure of the Board of Regents of the University of California

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Key questions addressed include:

  • Who are the UC Regents?
  • How are UC Regents chosen?
  • What are the limits of the current Board of Regents structure?
  • What's a better model?
  • How can reform happen?